Wise words from Thomas Plummer

Wise words from Thomas Plummer

“You are dying of slow suffocation.

We die slowly in today’s world. We die because we can’t breathe and this cause of death is self-induced.

We sleep until the last minute and then spring to work. On the way out we yell goodbye to anyone awake, people we won’t see again for another 10 hours.

We stand in line doing the scrolling thing until we get to the front of the coffee line.

We bust into work with 5 minutes to spare and our work day jumps on our chest with full force knocking the wind out of us for 8-10 hours.

We eat lunch standing up or at a desk, still scrolling, still stressed and minutes away from round two.

Finish another 5-7 hours or so, sleep walk through an undernourished, lack of water, barely there at all workout and then stagger home.

Grab a beer, sit on the couch and pretend to be a father for a few minutes, while still scrolling because who knows we just might miss that next wildly important FB post by someone we don’t know doing a workout we find stupid.

The spouse sits to talk and you can barely listen. You eat dinner, still scrolling along my friend, fall into bed, with the phone in your hand, or where you can at least reach it, and sleep too little leaving you more stressed the next morning, less prepared for family and work and a stuttering nightmare.


You realize you are human and not the super hero you want your clients to believe you are.

You get up early, sit quietly in a private room sipping a cup of something good, read or study or just think and write and it is all about you for 1 hour.

You plan 30 minutes of kid time before leaving for work.

Hug the spouse for an extra 15 minutes before even getting out of bed (don’t worry, you will think of something to do) and you leave for work at a reasonable time.

You check once in the morning and again in the afternoon on the phone and then leave it in the drawer.

You understand that working smarter is better than harder and you learn that over 50 hours a week is enough if you think. You come home, eat with the kids, maybe read to them and then maybe, for about 5 minutes, you scroll before bed.

You sleep for 8, get up refreshed and repeat. You always save one day a week for family because that is the only reason you do all this other crazy crap.

Your choice; live like a stressed-out animal in a small cage at the zoo or join the human race and have a life. Pick carefully, you only get one chance to get it right.” – Thomas Plummer

How powerful is that? How much time do we waste that could be avoided? Perhaps sometimes we should just put down the mobile phone and spend some time in the moment, rather than on the internet eh?

Thomas Plummer is someone I have followed on Facebook for a long time and his posts always seem to resonate with a lot of people and make you really think about life. My background in the fitness industry is how I found him (online) and his posts have been most helpful at times. For those who are not in the fitness industry (you’ll know him if you are) you can see on his website here.