10 things you can do to lose weight today!

10 things you can do to lose weight today!

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However, there is one question I get asked more than anything else on a daily basis about the world of fitness, health, nutrition and weight loss – “Ed, how do I lose weight?”

So I thought I’d throw out 10 actionable points that you can do right now in a blog for you (as it went down extremely well on my Facebook page: EDMFitness)

Here we go:

10 things you can do to help you lose weight TODAY!:

1- Reduce the amount of junk you consume each day. For example if you eat two packets of crisps per day then cut it down to one.

2- Don’t worry about skipping meals. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day despite what the television adverts tell you. If you skip a meal you won’t suddenly starve or run out of fuel for a workout. Sometimes missing a meal will help you lose weight by reducing your total calorie intake.

3- Hit 10,000 steps per day + then some more. Most people have a FitBit or iPhone these days both of which track your movement. Don’t fuss over the accuracy of these things, if you use the same one every day it’s accurate to you.

4- Try to ingrain different habits into your lifestyle that give you the same feeling you’re chasing. For example if you come home and want a glass of wine to help you feel “relaxed” why not opt for a bubble bath instead. If you want something that makes you happy why not watch a comedy instead of going elbow deep in the biscuit tin.

5- Sleep more. Yes 7-9 hours is optimal but whatever you’re getting if it’s not enough then try to increase it. You’re more likely to make better choices and exercise when you’re rested rather than shattered. I’ve just spent 5 days on a stag do and if I said I had the energy to train I would be lying. Sleep is your best friend and if you can’t get it in one go then nap when you can.

6- Try to limit your junk food to 10-20% of your calorie intake. That means if you eat 2000 calories per day then only 1-200 calories are from “junk” sources. This is essentially the “If it fits your macros or IIFYM” that you’ll have seen being promoted as a method of dieting. On the other hand if you’re still in that old school mind set of “eating clean” and having a “cheat meal” on a Saturday then you would eat no junk through the week and save your junk calories for Saturday evening. That would mean only eating 1800 calories per day and then having 7-1400 calories (7 days x 1-200 saved per day) to use on your cheat meal. Notice how this isn’t actually a lot, it’s more like a slice of pizza not the whole large dominos with wings and desert. Also note that as you diet and the smaller you get your daily calorie intake will reduce and so will your junk calories.

7- Do some form of exercise on top of what you’re already doing. If you train once per week then increase it. If you train 3x per week but an old lady trains harder than you then put more effort in. If you train lots and aren’t losing weight then revert back to previous points about eating less.

8- Stop blaming other people for your problems. It’s nobody else’s fault that you may be carrying an extra pound or two. You must learn to say no to the doughnuts in the office and you must discipline yourself to exercise. You must be responsible for your own health like you are your own money. You don’t give your purse or wallet to someone else for the day to do what they like with so why do you give the choices about what you eat or what exercise you do or don’t do to someone else. If you don’t want to eat something or do want to exercise then say so and stick by it. People like to share the guilt, especially food in an office to make themselves feel better about eating it themselves. A problem shared is not a problem solved here it’s a problem that’s spread.

9- Drink more water and less sugary drinks. Add fruit to water for taste and/or opt for zero drinks or sugar free squash. Anybody who says they don’t like water has never been thirsty.

10- Set aside time in your diary to take care of yourself. You know what time work is and you block out 8 hours to do it. You know what time your appointments are. You know what time love island is on and how long you will watch it for. You know what time the pub opens and you know what time your hairdressers appointment is. Do you know what times you’ve set aside for some “me” time and time to exercise or prepare healthy meals? If not then you need to update your diary and include the bits where you take care of you.

One of my amazing clients who lost 12kg in 10 weeks by learning the basics of how to create a diet that was personalised to him and his lifestyle.

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  1. Ugi
    July 21, 2017 / 4:48 pm

    Nice one ed. It must have been all those talks we done after training

  2. Workman
    July 21, 2017 / 6:50 pm

    I tried bubble bath instead of wine.
    It didn’t taste very nice.