Which type of training is best?

Which type of training is best?

Which type of training is best?

Yep, there are still people who argue on the internet about the best method of training/losing weig

You see, it doesn’t really matter all that much how you train. It’s the fact that you are either training (or not training) that really counts.

What counts as “training” ? I guess the easiest way to try and explain that is anything that you do that is planned exercise. For example, hitting 10,000 steps a day naturally isn’t training it’s just part of life – but if you have to go “out of your way” (hate that choice of words) to do more steps then you could say that’s training.

Training to me, is anything that makes you move more than everyday life does.

This could be lifting weights, going for a run, Zumba, swimming, mountain biking, walking in the countryside, a kettlebell class, spin, aerobics, – literally anything that isn’t work/sleeping/normal day life/eating.

So why do people get so hung up on the “best” method of training?

For clients, for you guys – you just want results and want them fast.
For personal trainers – either they want to seem like they have found the “best” method or quite a lot of time it’s because its what THEY enjoy doing so they think you will to.

The thing is if you worry about which method of training is the best over actually training itself then you’re missing the forest for the trees. If you complain someone does cardio but not weights or does classes instead of 1-2-1 PT then you’re picking at the little details instead of looking at that person and figuring out why they do what they do currently.

If you really really really wanted to be picky you could give an order (usually its weights, then cardio, then something else in that order) but I don’t really see the point.

Because I think like this:

Perhaps people go to spin because their in a group environment and it’s a “safe place” rather than being judged out on the gym floor (or they just like the music or cycling).

Perhaps boys do weights because of their ego and looking big for the girls, and are more confident, and feel silly doing yoga, or play sport and need to do weights.

Perhaps people run because they don’t know how to do weights but wish they did, perhaps they just fucking love running and getting away from everyone, perhaps they have signed up to do a charity race, perhaps they like running round the park having a natter with their friends.

And then I also think – I don’t really CARE what method of people training like. I mean I do care, a lot, but I don’t care as in think “oh I wish so and so liked cycling not running, or I wish so and so didn’t do bodyweight stuff and did more powerlifting weights” because guess what – I’m not them, they are not me, and the MOST important thing is that people engage in exercise a few times a week and they ENJOY it.

What is the point in ramming down people’s throats that if you were stuck on a desert island with a gun to your head you would pick doing weights over cardio if they don’t like lifting weights? It isn’t going to make them enjoy it any further.

What is the point in nit picking over whether long-slow duration cardio or HIIT burns more calories if someone just prefers doing sprints to a long run?

Over the years I have changed what I enjoy doing so much. When I was younger all I wanted to do was lift weights and get bigger. Now, all I want to do is run and be outside.

Does this make a difference to what I get my clients to do? NO (although weirdly you do attract more clients that have similar interests 80% of the time but that’s for another day).

Do I care WHAT type of exercise you do? NO, I just really really care about helping you do SOME sort of exercise.

So if you’re wondering what you’re doing is effective for your goals then think about this:

Do you enjoy it?
Does it mean you move more and sit less?
Does it make you feel fulfilled, happy, energised and rewarded?
Do you feel like you are doing it safely?
Does it bring you closer to your goals (for example if you have a marathon to run but you’re doing crossfit then it’s not very specific).
Do you feel like you’re doing it “correctly”?

Everybody should be exercising in some shape or form. My gramps is 86 and manages to take the dog to the park each lunchtime and probably does around a 10 minute walk in total. This is training. This is exercising. This is getting out of the chair and moving.

Find something you enjoy, talk to a coach about what you enjoy/don’t enjoy (if you have a coach or just fancy more information) and do that. If you don’t like doing weights – despite it having a multitude of amazing benefits for you – then don’t do them until you want to, but do something.

Physical inactivity is our countries biggest problem.

People get up, get in the car, drive to work, sit at a desk, eat crap, get back in the car, drive home, repeat. If we can add some movement in there a couple of times a week we are training and winning.

You don’t have to worry about which type of training you do, you just have to train in some capacity full stop.

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