Why am I so obsessed with travel?

For the past 10 years I have been very fortunate to have travelled and lived in over 40 different countries!

When I left school I knew I wanted to do one thing and that was to explore the world. I was fortunate enough to be invited to live in New Zealand to play rugby and so at age 18 I hopped on a plane (via Singapore for a week of exploring) and headed to NZ! After my time in NZ I travelled the east coast of Australia for 6 weeks before a few days in Thailand and home again. I was hooked then and that passion has only ever grown since.

Throughout my university years I spent every summer somewhere new: Roadtripping America, Booking a ticket into HongKong and a ticket out of Bangkok 10 weeks later with no set plans in between, to returning to New Zealand and hopping all over Europe.

Since then I’ve been incredibly lucky to do things such as camp around Africa whilst on safari, trek Machu Pichu in Peru, go island hopping in Croatia and recently I spent an incredible few weeks backpacking around Sri Lanka.

I have not done this for free, I have worked hard at being self-employed to finance my journeys and have experienced travelling on an extremely tight budget to occasionally splashing out on a little bit of luxury!

I’m going to show you how you can afford to travel in style, whatever the destination, and how to do it in the most cost effective manner!

My aim is to travel to every single country in the world and not only that, but spend good quality time there learning about the country, mixing with the locals and then helping you guys plan your amazing trips to do the same!

There’s so much I wish I knew when I first decided to travel and whether it’s backpacking or a luxury escape, I have so much knowledge, tips, secrets and amazing travel inspiration to share with you!

You can see lots of my pictures on my Instagram account and if you get stuck in to my travel blogs here I know you’ll be motivated and inspired to book your next trip!