My fantastic 5! The 5 best places in the WORLD!

My fantastic 5! The 5 best places in the WORLD!

If I had to choose my 5 favourite places in the whole world, this is how the list would look. In no particular order might I add because it’s so hard to decide!

1- The Whitsunday islands, Australia. Quite simply this is one of the most incredible places you will ever visit. Sand so pure it squeaks when you walk, so pure in fact I even heard a rumour whilst I was there that the only people to ever be allowed to take sand from this beach were NASA who use it to make glass. I stayed on a boat for 2 nights and slept up on the deck the one night with just a sheet as the temperature was perfect and so were the stars. It really is one of the best things you will ever do (even better if you’re sharing the experience with someone) and for all the options on different boats and tours then I would recommend looking HERE. You can also stay on the islands and in one of the magnificent hotels: Two great options are the Resort Mirage Whitsunday and the Martinique Whitsunday hotels, both of which have excellent reviews and are in stunning locations.

2- Safari, Africa. You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to wildlife in Africa but it’s important to remember that many animal numbers are declining because of the human race and this is not acceptable. So it is important to support locals who are doing their best to protect these beautiful creatures and also support companies that do things ethically. G Adventures is one such company that I regularly one of the most incredible tours that I’ve done with them is camping through Kenya and Tanzania.

Getting this close to wildlife was one of the best moments of my life – a photographer’s dream!

Safari in Africa is one of those magical moments where you actually can’t believe you’re so close to things you’ve only ever watched on the Discovery Channel or been shown to you by the legend that is David Attenborough on BBC’s Planet Earth. Probably the most well-known place to go on safari is the Kruger National Park and it is well worth the trip. The best times to go are in the dry summer months between May and September because this is when the bush animals will congregate around the watering holes and it’s cool enough for them to be out in sight not hiding away in the shade. Some fantastic hotels in the Kruger are the Elephant Plains Game Lodge, the Elandela Private Game Reserve, the Lodge Aan De Vilet and if you like guesthouses then the Sabie Town Guest House looks great.

Africa is such a great choice for safari because the landscapes are beautiful, its a cheap place to travel, the food is amazing and the people are just unbelievably friendly! One of the best spectacles in Africa is the great migration. Have a look at this article HERE about when the best time is to witness this amazing act of nature.

3- The Inca Trail, Peru. Most people come here to see Machu Pichu but for me it really wasn’t about the end goal, as cliche as this may sound it was much more about the journey. 4 days of camping under the stars with brilliant company, again using G adventures as our guides, was simply a wonderful experience. The trek itself is around 26 miles and I would say that having a basic level of physical fitness is a must as it’s not a walk in the park. That being said we had a whole range of ages and abilities on our group and everybody tackled it just fine!

A lovely hug with my beautiful fiancé after 4 days of no showering haha

The best part about the trip, aside from the amazing people you meet along the way, is the sheer diversity of what lies ahead. Mountains, Inca ruins, the jungle, views at altitude, incredible food, wildlife, it really does have it all! If you want to check out the tour I used then head here.

4- Iceland. In recent years Iceland’s popularity has exploded! And with good reason to. Not only is it now an “affordable” place to visit (it’s not cheap mind) but from the second you arrive you will be stunned by the landscapes that lie ahead. From huge warterfalls, snow capped mountains, volcanoes and black sand beaches this is an outdoors enthusiasts idea of paradise.

Walking the icy pathways of the Gullfoss falls

The photo opportunities are endless, the people are extremely welcoming and the food is top quality. If you’re lucky you may even get to see the northern lights. I would definitely recommend heading up to see the waterfalls like Skogafoss and Gulfoss, the black sand beaches at the village of Vik, the icebergs at Jökulsárlón in the south and a dip in the famous blue lagoon. (If you’re looking for a place to book your blue lagoon trip that includes transport to and from your hotel in Reykjavik then check this out: BLUE LAGOON TOUR WITH FULL TRANSPORT The other most popular tour is the golden circle (and with good reason!) – For a full day’s tour seeing the best of the golden circle then check out this: FULL DAY GOLDEN CIRCLE TOUR

You can find the hotel we used HERE and it is right in the heart of Reykjavik. It was a good, affordable hotel (lovely place to eat as well) in the perfect area to go and explore. The great thing about this tiny little Island is that it’s a great place to visit all year around. From snow and the northern lights in the winter to trekking and outdoors activities galore in the summer. What are you waiting for!

5- Croatia. Choosing number 5 on the list was really a tough one because I could list every country (over 40) that I’ve travelled to in my top 5 and wouldn’t feel bad whatsoever about putting them in there. Every country I’ve been to has been amazing in it’s own way but the diversity of Croatia is probably what makes me think that no matter who you are reading this you will thoroughly enjoy yourself. From pristine beaches to hundreds of tiny islands, to the clearest blue waters you will ever snorkel in, to it’s close proximity to other fantastic countries like Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia – it has so so much to offer. We sailed around the islands, ate some of the best food I’ve ever tasted, took a day trip to Bosnia (150% worth doing) and walked the historical cobbled streets with ice creams in hand.

The view from our boat as we sailed around the islands

A great base to explore this magnificent country is from the Raddison Blue hotel in Split. There are so many affordable tour operators in the area that just turning up to one and booking day trips is so easy to do, however if you would look to pre-book online and save the risk then you can click here. Sometimes when I go away I like to have a little home from home. I can visit the local supermarket and cook my own breakfast and it’s nice to get away from home life sometimes. For this we have used Air B & B in Croatia without any problems. I spent 5 nights here and managed to fit a lot in, including a visit to Bosnia and the Kravice waterfalls at the national park not too far from Mostar (another fabulous place). I came here in August which was a busy period but definitely not unbearable and Croatias fantastic temperatures and beaches make it a great time to pay it a visit.

So theres my 5 top places to travel if you haven’t already been (and if you have, I’m sure like me you’d love to return!) but what I want to know is what are you top 5 favourite places in the world and why?

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P.S if i was going to sneak a number 6 on to here it would definitely be Sri Lanka, 

You can read more about my recent adventure there by clicking on this link: How to spend 2 weeks in Sri Lanka.