How to create your own diet plan

How to create your own diet plan

Matt lost over 10kgs in 10 weeks with my diet plan help and guidance!

Welcome to the EDMFitness Nutrition Calculator for weight loss.

For years I spent my time wondering how I could gain or lose weight. Wondering what foods to eat and how much of it. Even when I thought I was eating healthy it was still guesswork and my results were few and far between because of it. So how do us trainers now know how to calculate a clients calories, so that they can be educated exactly on how to lose, maintain or gain weight? Well aside from hours of research, hundreds if not thousands of pounds spent in seminars and years of experience of working with hundreds of different people… it’s pretty simple. Well it is now I’ve put the formula and framework for creating your very own diet into a  nice, neat infographic for you to use, for free! This weight loss calculator (or weight gain, however you chose to use it) will help you work out your maintenance calories. These are the calories you need to eat to stay the same weight as you are now. So remember, to lose weight we need to decrease our calories (and increase exercise) and the opposite if we wish to gain weight! (More info on my Facebook page EDMFitness for that).

You see I could easily charge for something like this, but the truth of the matter is you can get this information anywhere if you look hard enough, I’ve just put this information into an easy to follow weight loss calculator infographic, the real skill in changing peoples body shapes and helping them lose weight is by coaching them. Anybody can be told what to eat and how much of it and there are also a hundred different weight loss/weight gain calculators out there, but this is the one I found the most reliable.

What I wanted to do was give you the tools to be able to coach yourself. To use this weight loss calculator as you see fit with your current daily exercise and nutrition. To make it fit your own lifestyle. I want you to know the method that gives you a fantastic starting point (and it really is a starting point) to taking control of your health and fitness. By following the steps in this infographic you will have an educated guess on where you can begin with your diet.

I really believe that if we can empower more people, educate more people, and make the fitness industry a more helpful, friendly and welcoming place then more people will lose weight and grow in confidence every day.

So here it is:


Simply drag and drop the image onto your desktop to keep it and use it for as long as you like.

I would  love to here what calories and macros you calculate by using this calculator and I’d love even more if you shared this link with others to help them on their weight loss journey! The more people we can help the better, right?

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