The 5 best camera accessories for £20 or less

The 5 best camera accessories for £20 or less

Camera accessories for £20 or less:

Everybody knows how expensive having a camera can be. The body, the lenses and so on can all add up to astronomical amounts of money whether you’re a seasoned pro or simply just enjoy taking pictures as a hobby.

In saying this, do I believe you need to spend tens of thousands of pounds on the latest camera gear to be a good photographer? No, I don’t.

And in trying to keep the game as affordable as possible, I thought I’d share below the 5 best accessories that I have personally found and used with my set up that all cost £20 or less. (All the links will send you to Amazon which Is where I have personally purchased these items, you may find them elsewhere as well I’m sure).

1) Coolway® 11.5″ Inch Pipi Large Travel Tripod for DSLR Camera Super Flexible Joints Quick-release Clip with Lock Ring Level

This very cheap and sturdy tripod comes with super flexible legs that can be wrapped around lots of things while on the move and you don’t want to bust out the big heavy duty tripod. Comes in different colours and I’ve used it wrapped around things like lampposts, poles on boats, bars in the gym and so on.


One I took just yesterday with my camera attached to this tripod, handheld up high for the looking-down effect.

2) MyArmor Professional Lens Cleaning Kit

Everything you need to keep your camera and lenses clean and dust free. You can wipe your lenses with the soft brush, blow out duster with the blower and so on.

3) Waterproof Grippa Bean Bag

This little thing is genius. Whether your’e on safari on just in the car and want to roll down the window to take a snap without getting out your tripod. It hands either side of the door (inside and outside) and you simply rest your camera or lens on top. I’ve used this no problem with a 600mm lens taking shots of wildlife out of my car and the results have been great.

4) Neewer® LCD Timer Shutter Release Remote Control Cord RS-60E3 for Canon Pentax Hasselblad Contax Samsung, etc.

A shutter release for your camera so you can take pictures without touching the camera and causing unnecessary camera shake (making your photos look blurry). Attach your camera to your tripod and use combined with this for best pin sharp results and long-exposure shots. (Check that this model of shutter release remote control fits your camera, otherwise there are plenty of other cheap ones on Amazon that you’ll see when you click through).

                                                    Tripod and shutter release cable combination

5) Hoya 43 mm Slim PL-CIR Filter

If you want to reduce unwanted glare, suppress reflection of light from water and glass and protect your lenses then these are a must every lens. The price will vary depending on the size of the lens that you’re using so bigger lenses will mean more expensive filters but assuming that most people won’t have more than about 2/3 lenses they use most of the time it’s not too bad. Hoya are a very well respected brand in the industry and I’m happy with their products so I’ll recommend what I’ve used to you guys.

So, every one of these items costs under the £20 mark. If you have any other accessories for your camera that you use and think are very affordable for most people then I’d love to hear from you with your suggestions! (I recently used most, if not all of these on a recent pet portrait shoot which you can see here: Shoot with Bryan the miniature Dachshund!

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