The best place for vintage and antiques

The best place for vintage and antiques

In recent years the popularity of creating your home by decorating it with self-made furniture, vintage items and antiques has exploded onto the scene. People are making things out of all sorts of stuff and programmes like Salvage Hunters (big fan of Drew) have taken over our telly’s.

Antiques and “old stuff” has something that has always been in my interests. Having grown up with a family also into this and completing my first degree in History, I find it fascinating to learn about the past and how things were done “back in the day”.

Earlier this year my Father and I got so fed up of just buying amazing items that we sourced from all over the country and then having no where to put them all that we decided to set up a new company together: 1923 Antiques.

A beautiful Chesterfield sofa

That way we could not only source, buy and restore items but we could now sell them and share them with you guys so that you had access to amazing pieces for your home as well.

Our stock is available to view by clicking here and we also have items available for you to view in person at the Malt House Emporium Stroud (soon to be moving to Tewkesbury).

We hope you enjoy our items as much as we’ve enjoyed discovering them and restoring them. We even make custom items as well so you can be sure you’ll have an item that nobody else in the world will own! Things like this custom tripod lamp that my father built: (now SOLD)

So, if you fancy adding the weird, wonderful, vintage and antique items to your home instead of the same old things you see in every store around the country then be sure to check out 1923 ANTIQUES

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